From The Cinematone Collection we proudly present an extraordinary compilation of modern dramatic music designed for use in motion pictures and television.

Recordings feature masterful performances from Hollywood's finest studio musicians and virtuoso renditions of The Vienna Symphonic Library.

Music genres include Action-Adventure, Mystery-Suspense and deeply expressive Dramatic music in the style and tradition of Blockbuster Movie soundtracks.

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Deeply expressive dramatic music reflecting the dark secrets and dreamy wonderment of the everlasting unknown. Features profound orchestrations underscoring the mysteries of life and the enchantment of human desires...

  The Lords of Darkness

Epic cinematic music depicting high adventure underscored with the mystery and suspense of a universe filled with ultimate evil. Dynamic music in the tradition of dark superhero films like Batman, X-Men and Marvelís The Avengers.

Captain Adventure

Heroic grand themes featuring major motion picture style arrangements in the tradition of Blockbuster Movie soundtracks. Includes compelling orchestrations reflecting bold deeds of glorious fortitude and sheer valor.

  The Death Whisperer

Masterful mystery-suspense music with a neo-noir vibe in the style and tradition of the provocative motion picture scores to Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction and Silence of the Lambs. Very Hitchcock, sensual and haunting...